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A 1998 Cannondale SR1000 in Stinger Fade Gloss, that's what most people see in this photograph. Me, I see my "Bumble Bee Bike" and memories...

The time I rode over the Cascade's on the North Cascade Highway and back into Seattle on Highway Two. I remember climbing; for what now seems like it took hours. When all these bad thoughts started to get into my head, "Why am I here?" Was this really my bright idea, what was I thinking when I dreamed this up. I stopped, caught my breath, looked at the beauty around me, understood and continued on, enjoying my surroundings even more.

Heading down the California coast line from the Oregon border into San Francisco was quite the journey and finished with Bumble Bee and me going over the Golden Gate Bridge.

We took two trips together in Virginia. The more memorable of the two was the route of Lee's Retreat from Petersburg to Appomattox. One heck of a Civil War history lesson.

Traveling across the state of Georgia with good friends, makes even boring rides fun!

In Maine, the trip I went on, at the same time my doctor had just put me on blood pressure pills and beta blockers that held my heart rate down. I was miserable at times and why I didn't just toss those pills in the trash..I'll never know.

A lap on the Daytona motor speedway in Florida.

A cajun Thanksgiving dinner in northern Louisiana.

Mississippi, New York, Vermont.....and of course lots of trips in Wisconsin. Like when I carried Bumble Bee across a stream because the bridge really was out. Having lunch with friends at the Dockside Deli in Port Washington, more times than I can count. On one of those trips to Port Washington I was told I was I'm no longer going to be believed when it comes to weather forecasting.

The memories go on and on.

For me, it's so much more than a 1998 Cannondale SR1000 in Stinger Faded Gloss.

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