Haunted Basement Vault Bicycle Sale 
October 24th - November 10th, 2019

It’s that time of year in late October, after a beautiful crystalline day, and following sunset, we hear what seem to be faint, distant sounds of bicycles rumbling through our basement vault. The clanking of old chains, chattering of sprockets, chiming bells and shrieks of joy from young children. Echoes from long-ago.

It’s then that we know,

There’s too many relics below,

and some must be let go!

Could there be a more appropriate time of year for us to open our basement vault of bikes we’ve been storing all year? Or maybe for countless years?

Thus, our Annual Haunted Vault bicycle sale!

It’s time we need to make room for winter bicycle builds. (And other “visitors” from the past)

So, we are offering up not only nicely used modern bicycles but also some vintage ones from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.

See our partial list of bikes that are available. (Below)

Some are “ready-to-roll”. Some need a bit of a tune-up. And some are “project” bikes for those ambitious enough to bring a “dearly-departed” two-wheeler back to life! We’ll also be dusting-off some classic cruisers from Scott’s collection as well as vintage road bikes and true-to-form English 3-speeds. I hear tell, there are even some old BMX cycles rumbling around as well.

Buy one, buy ten, or bring the truck! Better that they ghost home with you!

Over 150 Bikes! Including:

Columbia Rambler Cruiser As Is $50

Schwinn American Red As Is $50

Huffy Cruiser Black As Is $40

Coast King Cutlass As Is $50

Roadmaster Skyrider As Is $50

West Point Deluxe Middle Weight As Is $50

Schwinn Cruiser As Is $50

Hi-Lo Folding Bike As Is $150

Raliegh Sports Ladies/Mens As Is $200 Each

Schwinn Spitfire Ladies Middle Weight As Is $150

Schwinn Breeze Ladies Coppertone 2 Speed As Is $300

Schwinn Apple Crate Single Speed As Is $550

1985 Diamond Back Hot Streak BMX $500

Trek 800 Mountain Track As Is $50

Raliegh Technium Silver As Is $130

Cannondale Silk Path 900 As Is $175

Fuji ACE Road Bike NOS $399

Bianchi Ocelot MTB $325

Schwinn American 1964 Coppertone $559