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Check out all our bike brakes, levers, and pads for sale at South Shore Cyclery in Milwaukee

Bike brakes slow you down by clamping onto the wheel rim or disc rotor. Whether you have rim brakes, hydraulic disc brakes, or mechanical disc brakes, we've got you covered. Browse brake parts such as levers, brake pads, rotors, calipers and so much more to ensure safe, predictable stopping performance as you ride.

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• Replacement hoods for road brake levers with traditional, non-aero cable routing • Soft, tacky rubber for a sure grip • Available in black or brown
- Brake Pad Inserts: Designed for eeBrakes - Compatible with SRAM / Shimano systems - Light Blue – Aluminum Compound - Dark Blue – Carbon Compound - 11g per set
The eeBrake G4 is the fourth generation eeBrake featuring 100% CNC machined parts and a wider design optimized for 22-28mm rims. It features a stiffer black arch spring, a revised one-piece center adjuster with built-in resistance for easier use, and ghosted laser etching that will stand the test of time. All with the same stopping power and light weight that you've come to rely on from eeBrakes. - The eeBrake cable adjuster pivots as the brake is applied, optimizing cable alignment during brake actuation - The cross cable path aligns the brake cable over the center of the brake which provides a clean and aerodynamic line, moving the cables into the "wind shadow" of the frame - Tool-free caliper centering adjustability provides super-precision and pad motion consistency - One simple flip of the lever on the Quick Strut release opens wide enough to easily clear a 31mm tire, allowing for easy wheel removal - Optimized to work with Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM levers
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