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The Arms, Torso, & Legs

torso Keep your core warm.  The layers against your body should have wicking technology so your sweat goes to the outside layers. A mid-layer of light fleece or insulating wool may be a good idea, and a windproofing outer layer will protect you from outside draft.  

As, for your arms, arm warmers can be used to keep arms warm in semi-cold conditions. The convenience of arm warmers are that they can be rolled down or taken off and stored in your jersey pocket.  

Leg warmers also have this convenience when paired with shorter cycling tights.  Another rule of thumb is to keep knees covered anytime the weather is below 50 degrees. This helps keep them warm and protected from the cold air, thus keeping them properly lubricated and functioning. For colder weather, full cycling tights range from lightweight to heavy and waterproof, or you can find insulated cycling pants.

Endura Thermolite Leg Warmers
Wear Endura's Thermolite Leg Warmers for ultimate comfort in tough weather conditions. They're made of lightweight, warm Thermolite fabric, which is coated in water-repelling Teflon to help keep you dry. These cycling essentials also feature silicone grippers at the thigh and ankle to keep them in place.
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