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Tubes: All Sizes/Types

Check out all our bike tubes for sale at South Shore Cyclery in Milwaukee

Inner tubes fit inside a bike tire and inflate to give the tire structure. They fill with air via a Presta or Schrader valve and are available in a range of sizes that work with your chosen tire. Most tubes are made from butyl rubber and some are made from latex or feature an additional layer of puncture resistance. If you have tubeless tires, you won't need to worry about inner tubes unless you want to carry a spare tube on your rides.

Featuring a tread design for maximum speed and control across varied surfaces, total protection from punctures and sidewall abrasions, and a supple 170 TPI casing, the CADEX AR Tubeless tire offers speed, durability and compliance in any situation. - Compact diamond-shaped centerline knobs for maximum speed on smoother surfaces without sacrificing handling under rougher conditions. - Intermediate hexagonal knobs deliver a seamless transition from the centerline, and taller outer trapezoidal knobs provide traction in the corners. - AR-S dual compound tread technology for total efficiency, durability and grip. - Dual Shield puncture protection combines Race Shield+ and X-Shield for outstanding bead-to-bead tread and sidewall protection. - Lightweight 170 TPI casing gives a smooth, supple ride quality.
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