Bicycle Winter Storage Solutions

South Shore Cyclery Wants You to Know

Whether your going to ride your stead all season or let it hibernate for a few months, a few storage tips and racking solutions may be in order.  In preparation for the next season, make sure your bike is tuned up and ready to ride.  You don't want your bike in the shop while the summer sun beckons you to ride!  Plus we have an awesome Ultrasonic Tune-Up Coupon for you!

DON'T HANG BIKES WITH SUSPENDED FORKS UPSIDE DOWN!  There is chance that the suspension fluid can leak and cause problems within the fork.

FULLY INFLATE YOUR TIRES!  If your bike will be stored on the ground, as opposed to being suspended in the air; the pressure of the bike resting on the rims with flat tires can deteriorate your tire and leave a weak spot on the side wall.

IF YOU CAN, GET YOUR BIKE OFF THE FLOOR!  You will less likely hurt or damager your bike if your bike is stored hanging from the wheels or frame.


We have different options for you depending on your pocketbook and the space you have.  Click on the image below to for more information.

Topeak One UpSaris Cycle Glide

Delta Monet 1-Bike StorageTopeak Dual Touch Bike StandSunlite Storage HooksSunlite Single Vertical Storage Rack