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Milwaukee Bike Repair, Service, & Maintenance

Bring your bike in to SSC for a service Estimate and we can let you know what it will take to get your ride in tip top shape. SSC has been repairing bicycles in the metro Milwaukee area for 20 plus years and can handle most any repair on all makes and models.

In addition to specific service needs, you can select one of our three tune-up packages below and enjoy the peace of mind of a bike that rides like new.

Blast Off Tune-Up


Free safety check included

Adjust front/rear hubs

Minor wheel truing

Adjust headset

Adjust bottom bracket

Clean bike "wipe down" (not a bike wash, extra $59.99 charge for muddy bikes)

Ultrasonic Tune-Up


All Blast Off Tune-Up services included

Clean and lube freewheel or cassette

Clean and lube chain

Clean and lube crank arms and chain rings

Adjust wheel tension

Labor to instal chain or brake pads (parts not included)

Galactic Performance Overhaul


All Ultrasonic Tune-Up services included

Tank clean brakes

Overhaul headset

Overhaul bottom bracket

Overhaul front/rear hubs

Installation of grips/bar tape (tape extra)

Installation of new drive train parts and replacement components

Yes We do standard service on E Bikes

E Bike Policy

  • We will work on all eBikes of brands we actively sell. This is because we only have diagnostic support, and availability of parts, for eBike brands we sell. Due to issues of liability, SSC will NOT work on electronics of any brands we do not sell.
  • Customer must leave keys when dropping off brands we sell.
  • If the electronic system doesn’t need work, customer MUST leave battery at home or take it with them
  • Bikes left at SSC by other brands(for mechanical repairs only) MUST NOT BE LEFT WITH BATTERIES! If the battery cannot be removed the bike cannot be left overnight.
  • eBikes are a different than conventional bikes. They are heavier, often have rear wheels with incorporated motors and attached wiring harnesses. Larger axle nuts and slotted axles sometimes with bolted torque arms make wheel removal more time and labor intensive.

Multiple sensors, sensitive wiring and longer cable routing don’t allow for normal adjustments. Labor rates for such bikes must be adjusted accordingly.

  • Certain models and brands cannot be made to function properly or safely. SSC will not work on these brands at all as we cannot guarantee the rider’s safety.
  • Before purchasing any eBike feel free to inquirewith our staff and stop in to see the line of fully assembled safe eBikes we carry. These come with a full warranty. We can diagnose, repair and acquire parts for these bikes.
  • These bikes are not able to be hung on hooks in our racks, we will charge storage for bikes not picked up 7 days after service completion.
  • SSC does not assume any liability and does not recognize any warranty for bikes purchased from other dealers.
  • Assembly and adjustment of new e-Bikes is $200-$250. e-Trikes and Recumbent e-Trikes is $250-

$300. Additional charges may include $60 per hour for additional adjustments or eBike brand specific accessories.

  • Flat tires- changetube and or tire “not tubeless” 1-3 day turn around,not while you wait. “Check brake rub before writing work order” No batteries on bikes left overnight. Hubs with electronic braking, proprietary hub mount torque sensors and Dynamo hubs will have additional charges.”