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      The vision of the Kinnickinnic River Trail Corridor is starting to unfold. Construction continues on a pedestrian bridge cascading over S. Chase Ave. at W. Rosedale with an objection to finish towards the end of the summer.  S. Water St. portion of the interconnected trail will take way in the beginning of next year, and the paved trail parallel with the train tracks and 1st St. starts at Maple St. stretching to Washington.  This section is officially not opened yet, bicyclists and walkers have found this secret and have taken advantage beautiful path (check out photos below).  

This project was introduced in the early 2000s and finally  is becoming a reality.  The construction of the 2 1/2 mile recreational on-street and off-street trail will link south side neighborhoods of Bay View, Lincoln Village to each other, as well as Walker's Point, the Historic Third Ward, and Downtown.

      The benefit of this trail will be seen drastically amongst the local community.  Sixteen Street Community Center developed the action plan that envisions the Kinnickinnic River Cooridor as being a viable and flourishing economically, ecologically, and environmentally improvements for the south side areas of Milwaukee.  Many people & partnerships have come together to bring this plan to life.