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Sports Watches

Sigma Sport iD.Go
If you are looking for an affordable, easy-to-use sport watch with heart rate functions, the iD.GO is the right choice for you. The iD.GO will provide you with ECG accurate heart rate information during all of your activities. With three functions and single large button, the iD.GO is very easy to use. All values are shown on one display with large easy to read digits. The iD.GO fits every wrist. Functions: - Heart rate - Stop watch with display down to one tenth of a second - clock Features: - Analog heart rate transmission - ECG Accurate - Top button
Sigma Sport Activo
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 10,000 steps are considered a healthy amount of daily exercise. But how many of us can realistically estimate how many steps we are actually taking and how intense our individual daily activities are? With its chic, slender, two-tone wrist strap, the Sigma Sport Activo's clearly legible display provides precise information using the Activo's motion sensor technology. It estimates how many steps you have taken, how far you have moved, and how many calories you have burned based on the movements recorded. Above all, it shows the activity level of the day and uses Bluetooth Smart to transmit all of the statistics to a smartphone and the free SIGMA ACTIV app. Functions/Features - Number of steps, distance, calories - Indication of activity time in three intensity levels (low/mid/high) - Individual daily target (steps) - Defined interim targets (bronze/silver/gold) - Clock - Indication of amount of sleep and sleep quality using the ACTIV app - Customizable display (cock/steps/calories/distance/activity) - Manual or automatic configuration of step length - Easy-to-read display for left and right handers - Compatible with the ACTIV app for individual settings & evaluation via Bluetooth Smart - Connection to SIGMA DATA CENTER - Battery life of up to 8 days - Comfortable, adjustable silicone strap - Watertight in accordance with IPX7 - Battery/Charge Indicator
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