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Bkool BKool Smart Pro Turbo Trainer

Bkool BKool Smart Pro Turbo Trainer
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With the optional 3D World subscription, you can compete with up to 100 other athletes at a time, creating your own virtual peloton with leagues, challenges, and rankings over more than 500,000 routes. The 3D World software is also capable of translating routes from GPS files into virtual routes, including landmarks, foliage, and structures. Or, you can upload video of your favorite route and use it as scenery for your winter training sessions. With a corresponding GPS file, the trainer will match the climbs and descents.

One of our favorite features of 3D World is that you can start any of the 500,000+ routes and find yourself riding with other people. That's right: you choose a course, start riding, and encounter strangers. Just like in the real world. Plus, you can engage an optional voice chat feature to have actual conversations with any riders within 50 meters of your virtual position on the virtual course.

Now for the usual trainer info, none of which requires a subscription to 3D World. Since it can provide up to 1200 watts of resistance, the BKOOL is capable of simulating gradients over 20%. Grade changes are handled seamlessly, too, so there aren't any surprise jolts of sudden resistance and you won't find yourself spinning with no resistance after completing a climb. The BKOOL Trainer also records your data to the cloud, so you can analyze workouts, tailor training programs, map work zones, and create fitness tests.

The trainer's power doesn't come at the expense of a noisy workout. It's extremely quiet, emitting a mere 64 decibels, so it's ideal for training in shared living spaces or apartment buildings. You could even shut the blinds to your office and sneak in a discreet lunch-time workout. The trainer size is equally unobtrusive, folding down for storage under a bed or in the back of a closet.

The BKOOL Trainer includes a support stand for your front wheel, a quick release skewer to mount your rear wheel without damaging your regular skewer, a power adapter, and an ANT+ USB stick for a wireless connection to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Aluminum construction
1200-watt resistance
Simulates gradients over 20%
ANT+ USB stick for data upload
Power adapter
Front-wheel support stand and quick-release rear skewer
Optional 3D World subscription includes group rides, voice chat, and real route uploads



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